Philip E. Harding, Artist

Structured chaos - Spontaneous geometry


Current Work (2004 to 2023)

The Wall of Infinite Diversity (ongoing)

Rope work two, 2022-2023

Processing Beauty, Sept 2023 exhibition

Rope work, 2020-2022

Pattern Works, 2019

The Thangka Project, 2018

Mandalas of 2018

Infinity and Timelessness, 2018 exhibition

A Square Full of Circles and related works

Well Ordered Chaos or The Underlying Structure

Pen and Ink drawings and sketchbook images

Digitally Enhanced drawings

Archival Limited Edition Inkjet Prints

2017 Art fair images and small craft items








Early Work (mid 1970s to 2004)

Selected highlights of early work

Large archive of early work




About the Ropes (July 2023)

Philosophical Statement (2/1/2016)

Curriculum Vita / Bio.

Essays on Art and Art History

James L. Acord, Nuclear Artist Archive Project





At home in the living room / studio in 2014

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