Philip Edward Harding

Born 5/27/1959, Salem Oregon, USA



2004. Master of Arts in the History of Art, specializing in South Asia, The Ohio State University, Columbus OH. Thesis titled "The proportions of Sacred Space: South Asian Geometry and the Durga Temple of Aihole."
__ 2000. Bachelor or Arts in Art History (plus three years of Sanskrit), University of Washington, Seattle WA.
__ 1989-1997. Informal Japanese language study - Richland Community School, private tutoring, and study groups.
__ 1983. Bachelor of Architecture with minor in Fine Arts, cum laude, Washington State University, Pullman WA. Thesis on symbolism, mythology, and sacred geometry in ancient architecture.
__ 1982 Bachelor of Science, Architectural Studies, Washington State University, Pullman WA.
Educational Travel



2001. Photographic expedition to India for MA thesis research.  Brief visits to Delhi, Agra, Ambala, and Bangalore and longer, more focused visits, to Badami, Aihole, Pattadakal, Mahakuta, and Banashankari in Karnataka, and Mahabalipuram, and Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu.  Made possible in part by the generous support of the Office of International Affairs and the History of Art department at Ohio State University.
__ 1998. Photographic expedition to Madrid, Granada, and Cordoba, Spain. Photographed buildings for the University of Washington's Digital Cities and Buildings Database.
__ 1994. Tour of Australia. Sydney, Wollongong, Brisbane, Cairns.
__ 1991. Tour of Southeast Asia. Toured Singapore; Sumatra, Indonesia; Kuala Lampur, Malaysia.
__ 1983. Study and travel in Kenya, East Africa. Developed a design for a multi-use church/school/dispensary building requested by the Massai Tribe and the United Methodist Church.
__ 1983. Study tour in Israel. Conducted research on sacred architecture for thesis.



1976. Study tour in Europe. Studied at St. Andrews University, Scotland; toured London, England; Nice, France; Genoa, Pisa, Florence and Rome, Italy; Palermo, Sicily; Palma and Barcelona, Spain; Tunis, North Africa.
Papers and Talks
__ Structured Chaos and Morphogenesis: Geometry, biology and physics in contemporary art, Visiting lecture, Pacific University, November 2015
__ South Asian Geometry and the Durga Temple, Aihole, Published in South Asian Studies 20, 2003, pp 25-36. The Society for South Asian Studies, The British Academy, London
__ Image Databases: Alternative Uses in the Study of Architectural History, Conference paper delivered at the 2001 Annual Meeting of the Society of Architectural Historians, Toronto, Ontario

Employment and related experience

__ 2000-2002, 2003-2004. Graduate Research Assistant, National Endowment for the Humanities Database Project, The Huntington Archive of Buddhist and Related Arts, The Ohio State University,
__ 2002-2003. Graduate Research Assistant, Mellon Foundation Database Project, The Huntington Archive of Buddhist and Related Arts, The Ohio State University,
__ 1999-2000. Technical Manager for the University of Washington's, Digital Cities and Buildings Database
__ 1984-88, 96-97. Instructor of Art History, Drawing and Introduction to Art, Columbia Basin College, Pasco, WA
__ 1994-96. Member of Art Selection Committee for Washington State University, Tri-Cities, through the "Art in Public Places" program.
__ 1984-92. MFA Scholarship Award Chairman, Allied Arts, Richland WA
__ 1983-84. Independent Artist and Art Historian - Instructor, Art and Architecture of the World's Religions, Central United Protestant Church, Richland, WA.
__ 1976-83. Draftsman and Office Assistant - McCue and Associates, Architects and Planners, Kennewick, WA
__ 1981-83. Library Assistant - Washington State University Architecture Library
__ 1981. Carpenter Assistant and Draftsman - Louis Souer Carpentry, Pullman, WA
Selected Exhibitions, Competitions and Awards
2014 - 2015

o Participating Artist in the 11th and 12th annual Tri-City Artists Open Studio Tour featuring eleven Tri-City Artists who open their studios for two days each November.


o Participating Artist - 60th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee, Invitational Art and Historical Exhibit - Allied Arts Gallery, Richland WA
  o Washington State University Tri-Cities, Richland WA - Two Man Show - "A Sense of Being: Interior/Exterior Resonnances"
2003 o Participating Artist - 92nd Annual Spring Juried Exhibition - Ohio Art League, Columbus Ohio
1998 o Seattle Art Museum Rental/Sales Gallery, Seattle WA - Group Show - "Contemplating Eternity"


o WSU Tri-cities, Richland, WA - Group Show - "Artists From Left to Right"
  o Childhood's End Gallery, Olympia WA - Group Show - "The Divine Proportion"
1995 o Mt. Hood Community College, Gresham OR - One Man Show -"Intuitive Geometries"
  o Esvelt Gallery, Pasco WA - Group Show - "Eight From The East Side"
  o Participating Artist - "Confluence 1995" - Hill County Arts Foundation, Ingram, TX
  o Participating Artist - Juried Show - Allied Arts Gallery, Richland, WA


o Pasco Village Market Place - One Man Show
  o Old Hotel Gallery, Othello, WA - One Man Show
  o Allied Arts Gallery, Richland, WA - Two Man Show
  o Participating Artist - Shelby Art League National Juried Show, Cleveland Community College, Shelby, NC
1989 o The Jagged Underground, Kennewick, WA - Two Man Show
  o Participating Artist - "Drawing 89" - Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah
  o Participating Artist - Galex 23 National Juried Competition, Galesburg Civic Arts Center, Galesburg, Illinois
1988 o Richland City Hall, Richland, WA - One Man Show
  o Poor Richard's Gallery, Richland, WA - Group Show
  o Juror's Award - Designer Craftsman Show - Allied Arts Gallery, Richland, WA

o Freemont Fine Arts Foundry, Seattle, WA - Group Show - "Expressions of a Nuclear Age"

  o Juror's Award - Multi-media Show - Carnegie Art Center, Walla Walla, WA
  o Beaux Arts Gallery, Kennewick, WA - Featured Artist
1986 o Allied Arts Gallery, Richland, WA - Group Show - Columbia Basin College Faculty
  o Best Booth Award - Allied Arts Sidewalk Show - Richland, WA
1985 o Mid-Columbia Regional Library, Kennewick, WA - Group Show, "Tri-Cities Retrospective"
  o Esvelt Gallery, Pasco, WA - Group Show, Columbia Basin College Faculty
  o Silver Award - Allied Arts Painting Show - Allied Arts Gallery, Richland, WA
1984 o Allied Arts Gallery, Richland, WA - Featured Artist
  o First Place Purchase Award - Horton Family Young Artist Competition, Mid-Columbia Regional Library, Kennewick, WA

o WSU Libraries' Student Book Collection Competition Award: Collection titled "Symbolism, Metaphysics and Communication in Architecture"



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