Assorted Essays by Philip E. Harding

These essays are available in pdf format.


South Asian Geometry and the Durga Temple of Aihole An essay on Hindu temple geometry with an analysis of the eighth-century, Early Western Chalukya, Durga Temple of Aihole. The computer aided analysis of the Durga temple was completed as part of my MA thesis on South Asian Geometry completed at the Ohio State University. The essay posted here was published in the 2004 edition of South Asian Studies, the Journal of the Society for South Asian Studies (British Academy) and is the most complete and concise draft of my study on the Durga temple.


Islamic geometry. An illustrated essay prepared for Later Islamic Art with Dr.  Howard Crane at OSU, Spring 2001.


Shinto Ritual Building Practices.  An essay prepared for Japanese Art with Dr John Huntington at OSU, Winter 2000.  


The Ganesa Database Project Summary.    Summarizes the finding from a research database created for a seminar on the Hindu god Ganesa with Dr Susan Huntington at OSU, Fall 2000.  


Yellamma: A Goddess with a Bad Reputation   An essay prepared for The Goddess in South Asia with Dr Dina Bangdel at OSU, Spring 2002.


Manifestations of the Sacred: Art, Ritual and the Search for Holiness. An essay that grew out of a graduate seminar of the same title taught by Anna Kartsonis and Rene Bravmann at the University of Washington in 2000.


Cultural Memory. An essay/lecture on Cultural memory and value prepared for the Hanford Time Capsule, a virtual time capsule prepared by students at Amisted Elementary School, Kennewick WA in 1997. (Posted here in htm rather than as a pdf.) (The intent was that the site would remain in perpetuity and student would be able to revisit their work years later but someone failed to maintain the domain.)